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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) are vital and essential lessons that every individual should be aware of and partake in as it is a valuable asset to master. Although traditionally these training programs and certifications have been limited to medical personnel such as doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and the alike these programs are known to save countless lives and should one day become a part of every individual’s essential education. A simple understanding of human physiology, anatomy and cardiac pathophysiology through our system will enable a deeper understanding of what’s necessary to resuscitate someone undergoing an episode of cardiac arrest. These lessons, and valuable tools can save the life of someone you know or come across. Therefore, as physicians we felt it was imperative and worthy of our time we distribute the information as widely diffusible as possible.

ACLSBLScertifications.com was built by a group of US Board-Certified Physicians who believed there was a need for online education & training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support. All of our materials are designed with appropriate citations from educational resources such as medical literature, scientific journals, and peer-reviewed publications. We have developed and promise to maintain an up to date, simple to understand, efficient, and direct to the healthcare professional certification service. Our website, manuals, algorithms, training programs and quiz/testing materials are built for the simplest of users but are adequate enough and in fact exceed the basic requirements for all healthcare professionals in the United States of America. Our goal was simple: to build a comprehensive platform that whether healthcare professional or not, one can become trained, qualified, and certified in Advanced Cardiac & Basic Life Support.

Fully online course specifically created by and for physicians – Our ACLS and BLS curriculum has been created to meet and exceed all AHA standards

All courses are created in accordance with the latest 2015 AHA guidelines & audited by AHA instructors

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