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Nursing Professional Shortage – A Global Dilemma

Nursing Professional Shortage – A Global Dilemma

The shortage of healthcare professionals is a large growing deficit in the United States and elsewhere worldwide. Nurses and Associated Nursing Professionals are in continued demand to meet an ever aging population. Multiple city-wide and statewide shortages have stimulated multiple creative opportunities for education and health systems to try and cover the gap.

The shortage has been a public recurrent broadcast in certain countries like the United Kingdom. The BBC reports that the nursing shortage is currently 1/10 positions unfulfilled. See the figure below:

  • 1 in 10 nurse posts in England unfilled
  • 29% of nurses are aged over 50
  • 13% of nurses come from overseas

Source: Institute for Employment Studies

Major cities in the U.S. such as Atlanta are also feeling the hit of the shortage. In a 20-mile radius of Macon County –a suburb of Atlanta, GA- there are 1,059 openings for registered nurses. Fewer than 100 nurses are registered for nursing in Macon County currently.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor has indicated there will be a 16% increase in the number of registered nurses (R.N.’s) by 2024.

Source: http://herald-review.com/news/local/public_safety/not-enough-nurses-nursing-shortage-affecting-decatur/article_f2f23309-4029-5697-860d-f8fd7e43977d.html

In the most shocking estimates,  an Institute of Medicine report estimates a shortage of 3 million registered nurses by 2020.

Source: http://www.columbiatribune.com/business/saturday_business/help-wanted-hospitals-battle-nursing-shortage-with-collaborations-hefty-incentives/article_73309a3f-59c5-5445-8475-3867efc0d61c.html

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